Did you ever think metal could make you smile…….here at KT Metal Design we create a range of vibrant, unique and fun handcrafted little art figures that will make you smile just look at our gallery. They are all handmade from scrap metal, which is the most recycled material on the planet and it can be recycled again and again, of course not that you will want to. Each individual character is exceptional and fulfils the highest quality standards whilst their amazing creativity displays a unique attention to detail.

These characters delight young and old alike and you will always have an exclusive gift.  The development of these characters is unlimited. We have an abundance of figures already made with lots more to come in the future.

Never be stuck for that special gift again…repetition is not part of our repertoire so every piece has its own personality.


Traditionally handcrafted and handmade ensures attention to detail is always guaranteed and no two pieces are identical.  Pieces may vary from the images as they are all individual characters. We have over 30 years work experience in the metal welding and fabrication industry in Ireland.  

100% Irish Run

We are a small 100% Irish run enterprise that offers ease of access to clients, a friendly and personal service and excellent bespoke products at competitive prices.