About Us

I am Ken Greene and am the designer and owner of KT Metal Design. I work with the most recycled material on the planet….METAL, to create bespoke art. I started my working life as a metal fabricator and have over 30 years experience. In 2012 life kicked me in the teeth and choices had to be made so I picked myself up and turned my skill to creating art from metal and haven’t looked back. I am based in my studio in my hometown of Leixlip, Co. Kildare, Ireland. 


Experience & Passion

"My passion lies in turning steel, copper and brass into art. I enjoy being able to envision concepts and then creating and bringing that concept to life as can be seen in my little characters. Even as a teenager I enjoyed sketching, drawing cartoons and painting. My inspiration for my work comes from life itself and this is expressed in many ways through my pieces." - Ken Greene, Artist.




Happiness is Handmade

KT Metal Design handcraft pieces that are the ultimate talking point in your home or garden and will become family heirlooms.

KT Metal Design are registered members of the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland